Tina Havemeier

Head Trainer

My journey into the world of dog training has been a lifelong passion. Growing up surrounded by dogs, horses, and other animals instilled a deep love for the purity they bring into life. As a Florida native, my experience in the Montana backcountry drove me to pursue a degree in Equine Science at Montana State University.

From there, I worked alongside some of the best mentors in both the equine and canine industries. From starting colts and showing performance horses, to managing large dog training facilities, I gained invaluable experience during my time out west.

Living with up to seven dogs in my own home, I dedicated myself to raising puppies, rehabilitating aggression cases, and fostering rescues. This allowed me to gain an extensive understanding of the unique needs different dog breeds possess.

My passion for animals goes beyond just training. I am committed to immersing myself in the lifestyle of raising, owning, and helping as many dogs as I can get my hands on. This allows me to empathize and connect with my clients on the ups and downs they go through in their own journey. I understand the challenges and rewards that come with this, and I am committed to providing the best possible guidance for both pets and their owners.